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Antutu 3DBench

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Antutu 3D Benchmark
Why do you need to download a separate 3DBench App?-- The separate 3DBench app is to avoid re-downloading 3D part when version updated. Save your mobile data!-- To test the 64 bit CPU and UX performance we need a separate 3DBench app
including two new-designed 3D testing scenes.On-Screen Garden scene is to test game performance and Off-Screen Marooned scene is designed to test device limiting performance.New 3D scenes are made based on Unity3D 5.0 game engine, which is usually used in most IOS and Android games.New scenes will truly reflect the performance of device game performance.

Its just one time usage app. Once you check the benchmarks,you might not use the app much frequently so its not worth the download if its just for rare usage 

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